PRESS RELEASE: MedCom and Corazon Launch Offering with Focus on Operational and Financial Assessment to Optimize Specialty Program Operations

PRESS RELEASE: MedCom and Corazon Launch Offering with Focus on Operational and Financial Assessment to Optimize Specialty Program Operations

– Combined offering advances MedCom and Corazon’s efforts to enhance client success through comprehensive program evaluation and innovative solutions –

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLANIA – February 17, 2022 –  MedCom Solutions, Inc., a full service consulting and technology firm that combines expertise with state of the art technology to specialize in charge capture and chargemaster management services, has entered into a collaboration with Corazon, Inc., to develop a combined offering to optimize both the operations and financial performance of specialty clinical service lines in healthcare with the goal of expediting results for our clients and bringing greater value at a faster pace. Corazon is a leader in providing the full continuum of consulting, recruitment, interim management, and accreditation services for the heart, vascular, neuroscience, and orthopedic specialty programs.

“MedCom has a 37-year history of identifying revenue leakage in chargemaster management and clinical ordering systems. More than ever, reimbursement is under extreme pressure while costs continually escalate. By joining with Corazon and their clinical and operational expertise, MedCom is positioned to assure that clients are producing accurate charges for full reimbursement.”  said Bill Hunt, President of MedCom Solutions, Inc.

The Parties have collaborated on other projects since developing a collaborative agreement in 2014. Other clients have already realized the benefits of combining the expertise of the two organizations. One such client engaged Corazon to assist with the development of an interventional cardiology program and MedCom to assist with optimizing coding and pricing practices and renegotiate payor contracts. Between the two projects, the hospital realized a net revenue improvement of $1.8 million.

“Corazon has long recognized the importance of cardiovascular, neuroscience, and orthopedic services in a hospital’s overall performance. Particularly now, following the challenges facing the healthcare industry over the last two years, hospitals must be able to ensure these key programs are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. By combining Corazon’s clinical, operational, and financial expertise with MedCom’s experience delving into charge capture and financial operations, our clients will realize significant benefits, not only within individual service lines, but across the entire hospital,” said Ross Swanson, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Corazon.

MedCom and Corazon are eager to provide this combined offering to the market because it represents a streamlined opportunity for hospitals to realize significant improvements and, more importantly, pass those improvements on to patients and employees. These services represent powerful solutions on their own, and combined can have an even greater impact on improving the way healthcare is provided today.

MedCom and Corazon share a common mission to allow expanded access to care through successful healthcare organizations. This new solution will uncover opportunities for customers to enhance program operations and reinvest in their programs, employees, and communities.

About MedCom

MedCom Solutions is a software and consulting firm utilizing one of the most sophisticated reimbursement measurement systems in the world. We combine expertise with state-of-the-art technology to pave the way for customers’ success. Our consulting staff have an average of 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, representing experts in the fields of coding, finance, and Medicare compliance. Combined with ongoing education, our focus and proven potential to obtain results creates an invaluable asset to address challenges within chargemaster systems. More information can be found at

About Corazon, Inc.

Corazon is the national leader in program development for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, Spine, and Orthopedic service lines, offering services in Consulting, Recruitment, Interim Management, and Accreditation. We provide the strategic, clinical, operational, market, and financial expertise necessary to develop a truly outstanding specialty program, regardless of existing scope of services. More information can be found at

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     MedCom Solutions, Inc.

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