Supply review

Stop Revenue Leakage

As healthcare expenses continue to increase, hospitals cannot afford to consume their supply costs and risk revenue leakage.

Establishing a systematic approach to optimize supply and surgical charges will not only maximize your bottom line but will also safeguard compliance.

It is of vital importance that hospitals also proactively manage the link between the chargemaster and the materials management item master with an automated process.

Fix it and Sustain it

When it comes to streamlining processes, implementing best practices, and providing solid sustainable solutions, MedCom is a leader in the industry.

Our comprehensive supply charge review includes:

  • Establish a minimal cost threshold for chargeable supplies.
  • Develop supply policy and supply charging decision tree.
  • Identify non-chargeable supplies based on the supply decision tree.
  • Reallocate the gross revenue from non-chargeable supplies into the other targeted service areas.
  • Provide recommendations on HCPCS, revenue Code, and description corrections.
  • Review the linkage between the inventory system and ChargeMaster to ensure accurate mapping.
  • Identify missing and duplicated supply charges; recommend new adds and inactivations.



MedCom's expertise combined with our CMNavigator® SaaS solution will help you sustain the optimal outcome with a consistent, reliable, and intuitive charge capture process.

  • Automated workflow to track every step of the supply new add/change/inactivation process
  • Continued verification of HCPCS and Revenue codes accuracy
  • Reliable link between the materials management item master and the chargemaster 
  • Dynamic reports and advanced alerts
  • Reliable cloud solution and Customized Upload
  • Education and Support

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