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What is Revenue Cycle Management?

All care provided within a health care institution has a cost and associated fee or payment. Managing the charging for and collection of such bills fall under the purview of the revenue cycle management team. The Healthcare ...

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MedCom’s Chargemaster and Pricing Solutions

An Automated Chargemaster Solution Equals An Improved Bottom line. The chargemaster (CDM) is the lifeline to your organization’s financial success. The CDM is a comprehensive data warehouse compiled of every procedure, service, ...

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835 PAYMENT ANALYSIS: DIAGNOSTICS AND CHECKUPS So do you really know what you are being paid?  That is the burning question for many health care executives and revenue cycle leaders. You’re seeing that magic number each month in ...

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Partnering to Increase Value to Our Clients

MedCom has a strong history of providing services to improve chargemaster data and the charge capture process. Collaborating with other firms to offer services that extend beyond the reach of our expertise can enhance the value ...

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