Case Study 

When clinical order systems fail to connect to financial ChargeMaster systems, revenue leakage occurs. Due to the magnitude of order entry systems and ChargeMaster line counts, it becomes impossible to manually audit. CMNavigator has been exceptionally effective in automating this audit function to provide reliable connectivity between the clinical floor and the financial arena. 

Learn more about how our solutions helped Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber improve net revenues by millions. 

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SaaS Solutions for Efficiency and Accuracy


CMNavigator® SaaS

A powerful and affordable ChargeMaster management solution

  • User-Friendly

    It is so intuitive that the onboarding training only takes 1 hour, instead of the typical whole day session. Even the non-tech-savvy users feel comfortable using it without re-education. 

    Our advanced user interface design streamlines the ChargeMaster management process and delivers sustained results.

  • One-of-a-kind Data Engine

    No more tedious task of formatting the data and customizing the parser to process files from various EMR systems.

    Our unique data engine can upload files in any delimited format in real-time. A CDM coordinator without any programming experience can finish the configuration on their own and can easily adjust field settings anytime. 

  • Clinical Charge Capture

    Our patent-pending technology, C3, seamlessly connects your ChargeMaster with clinical order entry systems.

    This innovative solution helps healthcare organizations eliminate human error and achieve full charge capture.

  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

    Prevent revenue leakage and identifies improvement opportunities through our robust dashboard.

    Ensure departmental accountability with comprehensive reports based on regulatory guidelines and industry best practices. We can also build customized in-depth diagnostic reports to meet your specific needs.

  • Reliable Cloud Solution

    MedCom partners with Expedient Data Center and Amazon Web Services to manage the CMNavigator® solutions. 

    You can enjoy the high performance, availability, scalability, compatibility, and offsite disaster recovery protection of our SaaS solution without burdening your IT staff.

  • On-demand Clinical Guidance

    Add subject matter experts to your team at affordable rates.

    Our experienced chargemaster consultants possess a combination of clinical, coding, and financial expertise. We can act as an extension of your in-house team to review daily change requests, ensure coding accuracy, answer questions on charging practice, and provide staff education.


MPNavigator® Solution

  • Make informed decisions regarding your pricing methodology. With MPNavigator® SaaS, your facility can

    • Bolster annual pricing assessment with data from a custom listing of selected facilities.
    • Create a competitive pricing strategy, including analysis of peers and an understanding of the local landscape.
    • Navigate the healthcare marketplace with confidence.
  • Market percentile data is derived from the most recently available Medicare reported price information, by facility.

    This data is analyzed for outliers and used for calculation of pricing percentiles, which enables measurement of current and future market position.

    MPNavigatoris available for inpatient and outpatient hospital services, classified by:

    • DRG
    • CPT®/HCPCS
  • Upon selecting the facilities to include within the market benchmark listing, a variety of pricing percentiles may be chosen for position analysis.

    Options for Market Benchmark Selection include facility listing by:

    • CMS Certification Number
    • GeoZip Code
    • County
    • State