Make smart adjustments that help improve your bottom line

Monitoring payments and denials are paramount to survival in today's healthcare industry. The RANavigator® SaaS solution provides you with the automated mechanism you need to identify findings related to payments and denials with ease.

A roadmap that will help you improve your bottom line

We help you to apply the appropriate tools and tactics to succinctly parse the data so that these large payment files can be turned into a useful diagnostic tool.


Payment and Denial Dashboard

  • Ease of Use

    No software installation or testing is needed. This 835 solution is 100% hosted and managed by MedCom. Clients receive Excel spreadsheets or Tableau reports. Interactive sliders and charts within the Tableau report make it even easier to see the trends and gain insights.

  • Fully Customizable

    Fully Customizable The validation process, reporting content, denial categories, and worklist format can all be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Cost-Effective

    With minimal time investment to implement there is a shorter payback period.

Our 4 Step Business Intelligence Process

MedCom Solutions will work with your team to convert your raw 835 (Electronic Remittance Advice) files into meaningful data. The result is continuous process and financial improvements for your revenue cycle by being able to routinely check up on your 835 payment information.

  • 1

    Data Parsing

    Raw 835 data is uploaded into the RANavigator® SaaS

  • 2

    Data Validation

    Data rules are applied to ensure that the 835 data is complete, accurate, and accounts for payer formatting inconsistencies

  • 3

    Data Analysis

    Analyze the data to identify denial trending using business intelligence tools such as Tableau

  • 4

    Report Generation

    Develop interactive dashboard and intuitive reports highlighting problem areas and allowing clients to gain insights

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