Partnering to Increase Value to Our Clients

Partnering to Increase Value to Our Clients

MedCom has a strong history of providing services to improve chargemaster data and the charge capture process. Collaborating with other firms to offer services that extend beyond the reach of our expertise can enhance the value we provide to our clients. Recently, MedCom has partnered with Corazon, Inc. to seamlessly integrate new service lines and charge accuracy for our clients. Together, the two firms offer comprehensive guidance, starting with identifying a need for new services, setting up and creating service lines, followed by chargemaster update, complete education and training for appropriate charging of services, accurate service pricing, and post-implementation auditing. 

About Corazon, Inc.

Corazon is the national leader in providing the entire continuum of Consulting, Recruitment, Interim Management, and Accreditation for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, and Orthopedic specialties. No other firm has Corazon’s diverse offerings within niched clinical specialties. Corazon’s team of Service Line Experts assists hospital leaders and physicians across the country and in Canada with unparalleled expertise, impartial advice, and progressive thinking to help clients reach their highest growth potential and achieve sustainable success.

Demonstrated Success and Increased Value

Following the implementation of a new Cardiac Catheterization Department, MedCom identified opportunities for charge improvement for CPT/HCPCS and revenue code revisions for procedural services, as well as detailed coding recommendations related to the supply/implant charge structure. Following coding updates, payor contract negotiations identified improved payment structures for services rendered.

Post-implementation audits provide essential information on the successes or additional actions required to achieve the expected results and objectives for both MedCom and Corazon. The results of cardiac catheterization post-implementation analysis revealed the following improvements:

About MedCom Solutions

MedCom Solutions creates patented technology and state-of-the-art software to help health care providers meet rapidly escalating and changing revenue cycle demands. Our Chargemaster, Pricing, Reimbursement, and Compliance solutions have yielded hundreds of millions in net revenue for healthcare providers across the country.   Learn more about our solutions or visit our homepage or contact us today!

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