How MedCom Can Help You with Your Chargemaster Management

How MedCom Can Help You with Your Chargemaster Management

Chargemaster management can be a daunting task. In basic concept, the Chargemaster is a simple database storing a comprehensive list of charge codes for procedures, services, and supplies. Everything from prescription drugs to PPE to materials for diagnostic tests has a unique listing in the Chargemaster, making it one of the most essential tools for a hospital’s reimbursement management. But chargemaster management and maintenance can quickly become overwhelming for busy staff.

Without oversight, the accuracy of a Chargemaster becomes questionable as many different departments and staff regularly update the Chargemaster with new services and procedure codes. Inaccurate coding caused by inappropriate service charges results in hospitals bills not getting paid and represents millions of dollars in revenue.

MedCom Solutions is Your Chargemaster Management Solution

Our Chargemaster management and charge capture review process starts with an audit of the technologies, processes, and mechanisms you’ve implemented in your charge cycle, aiding us in finding the root causes of any incomplete reimbursement.

Our clinical coding experts provide an effective, revenue-enhancing transformation of the facility Chargemaster’s accuracy and functionality through a series of on-site interviews with departmental staff and a line-by-line analysis of the Chargemaster.

We end with an offering of a variety of affordable state-of-the-art technologies and software packages that will keep your Chargemaster in order. Because we understand that no two facilities have identical software needs, we offer customization of all our solutions, including various levels of clinical assistance as required to meet the specific needs of your healthcare organization.

Boost Your Revenue with MedCom Solutions

MedCom’s consulting process and Chargemaster software solutions have saved healthcare organizations hundreds of millions of dollars for over 35 years.

We provide a unique combination of clinical expertise and proprietary technology to help medical service providers meet rapidly escalating and changing medical billing demands.

Learn more about our solutionsvisit our homepage, or contact us today!

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