Doing More with Less: Leveraging Technology to Alleviate the burden of Reduced Staff

Doing More with Less: Leveraging Technology to Alleviate the burden of Reduced Staff

Nearly every hospital across the country is dealing with the same pain. Many workers have left, and the cost to retain or hire new has increased to a paralyzing rate. The burden that remains for the existing staff is tremendous. 

Revenue cycle teams, already small in many systems, have been reduced to only a few hands. There are many tasks to accomplish within each day, week, and month to ensure that bills are accurate and that payment received is timely and complete. Often, the list is too long, which will cause an error in the claim population and ultimately rejection or short pay. 

The Right Partner

In these times, your team must find the right partner and technology to assist with the tasks that are easily automated or deferred to a third party. After all, you certainly cannot afford to lose the revenue slipping through the cracks every day that these systems remain unaddressed. What to look for in the right partner? A solid partnership will feel like help and not a burden. You will need a team who knows the pain points to look for in your IT systems because they are familiar and have worked with them multiple times before. Because of this, the right partner will know where to look for potential failures, implementing audits for corrections expediently.

The Right Technology

Utilizing technology should act as an accelerator to your workflow, not a hindrance. The right technology will take minimal training and onboarding and require little ongoing maintenance. Often,  software products come with endless bells and whistles (many for a nominal add-on fee) that look very appealing but serve a minor benefit in actual day-to-day. Getting The Goldilocks Principle of “not too much, not too little” is critical with a technology solution. 

Make a Change at the Right Time

Coupling the right technology and partner is the magic that will keep you on your feet during these unprecedented times and even find yourself with financial gains. A partner like MedCom can

  • Keep your chargemaster current with all up-to-date coding and defensible prices that align with market strategy
  • Evaluate, recommend, and execute the implementation of charge structures that elicit accurate and complete reimbursement
  • Correct and maintain all connections between charge entry systems and chargemaster data files
  • Monitor 835 payments to identify denials, short pays and other errors to assist with the correction to payments and the root cause of the errors in the first place.  
  • Identify opportunities for payor contract renegotiation and provide support for negotiation strategies, or complete renegotiation services


About MedCom Solutions

MedCom Solutions creates patented technology and state-of-the-art software to help medical service providers meet rapidly escalating and changing medical billing demands. Our Chargemaster, Pricing, and Compliance solutions have yielded hundreds of millions in net revenue for healthcare providers across the country.

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