MedCom’s Chargemaster and Pricing Solutions

MedCom’s Chargemaster and Pricing Solutions

An Automated Chargemaster Solution Equals An Improved Bottom line.

The chargemaster (CDM) is the lifeline to your organization’s financial success. The CDM is a comprehensive data warehouse compiled of every procedure, service, diagnostic test, supply, and pharmaceutical provided at the organization. With price transparency, regulatory updates, and the ever-changing Healthcare industry, it is imperative to ensure that the data in your CDM is current, defensible, and compliant.

Our automated chargemaster solution, CMNavigator® SaaS, ensures a defensible audit trail of all additions, Inactivations, and modifications made in the CDM. By delivering automated, standardized email distributions, the solution provides complete transparency to ensure the accuracy of Clinical, Charging, and Billing systems. The role-based workflow assignments streamline the approval process resulting in:
• Coding accuracy
• Pricing integrity
• Improved turnaround times

A clean, current, and compliant CDM is only part of the process. You also need to ensure that your clinical systems are charging appropriately. How do you ensure correct and compliant charges? By using our patent-pending technology to seamlessly connects your organization’s CDM with your clinical order entry systems. Validating these connections eliminates human error and executes full charge capture.
Preventing revenue leakage is as easy as a click of your mouse. Our chargemaster solution is equipped with robust reports to keep your organization up to date with regulatory changes and inform you of potential missing charges using our data-driven business intelligence.
Last but certainly not least is the ease of use, which is essential for end-users. The last thing you need is an automated solution that is so complex to use that it burdens your day. Our automated chargemaster solution is exceptionally user-friendly. Training typically only takes one hour, and rarely is re-education needed.

If you want to improve performance and increase your bottom line, look no further than MedCom’s automated CMNavigator® SaaS chargemaster solution.

Boost Revenue with MedCom Solutions

MedCom’s consulting process and Chargemaster software solutions have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for healthcare organizations for the last 35 years.
We provide a unique combination of clinical expertise and proprietary technology to help medical service providers meet rapidly escalating and changing medical billing demands.
Proven to reduce denials, enhance revenues and sustain results, MedCom specializes in OR Charge Optimization and 835 Payment & Denial Trending Analytics in addition to a variety of CDM Management and Charge Capture Services.

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